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Dirt Patrol specializes in the import and export of fill dirt material, asphalt grindings, broken concrete, hot asphalt, and aggregate materials. We offer a wide range of options to supply the needs of our customers.

Dirt Patrol excels in the location and maintenance of surplus earth disposal sites in order to dispose of excess dirt in a legal dumpsite or to coordinate with a site in need of fill dirt to achieve finish grade. Our goal is to work with both import and export sites to help bring projects in below budget by sharing the cost of trucking operations. Of course scheduling and logistics dictate the over all expense. Meeting the soils specifications for each job is another factor. We are constantly adjusting are timing to
accommodate the customers schedule. We have a huge string of owner operators available that we use on a daily basis to bid Government jobs that require certified payroll on prevailing wage projects and stay competitive, since prevailing wages do not apply to owner operators.


Serving the greater Southern California Area

24 hour dispatch service